QUIZA Logistics specializes in perishable transport and distribution. Our business is based on efficient and effective information flow, supply and demand forecasting, inventory control and order fulfillment in line with our customers' guidelines.

Europe's most modern banana distribution center, located in Gdynia, at the heart of the logistic corridor linking Polish seaports with the supply network of Central European markets, gives us a significant competitive superiority and enables delivery of fruit directly from our production sites to domestic and foreign customers.

We strive for perfection:

  • Europe's most modern distribution and ripening banana center
  • Qualified team of professionals specializing in the field of storage, distribution and transportation of fresh produce
  • Dedicated road transport using modern truck fleet
  • Modern and effective techniques for supervising and managing the flow of raw materials and finished goods
  • Execution of unusual orders and "just in time" deliveries
  • Constant development and implementation of innovations within the framework of the 4c business:
    • Customer value
    • Customer cost
    • Convenience
    • Communication
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