Bananas have been our passion for over 29 years. The company's goal is to remain a reliable and significant partner of the banana market, offering our customers a safe and legally consistent fruit.

Policy implemented through effective quality and food safety management system combined with continuous knowledge improvement and employee-management commitment, is treated as a key to business success of company Quiza.


  • addressing the needs and requirements of our customers
  • effectively supervising the quality and safety of fruits at all stages of marketing the bananas
  • using modern and secure storage solutions, maturation and transport of fruit
  • improving personnel qualifications
  • continuously analyzing the quality of our services before, during and after their execution
  • using the services of approved and reliable suppliers of fruits and services
  • caring for the higher consciousness of the management and staff in terms of quality and food safety according to customer requirements and law
  • maintaining good relations with our business partners based on mutual respect , honesty and good communication
  • applying and practicing the principles of ethical trade.
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