QUIZA is a leading Polish importer and distributor of QUIZA BANANA branded bananas.

We specialize in import, logistics, controlled atmosphere ripening and distribution of bananas in Poland and neighbouring countries.

We offer the highest quality fruit cultivated on certified and monitored farms.

The unique taste of our banana, which is also an excellent source of vitamins and macronutrients, is achieved thanks to the systematic selection of the highest quality fruit grown on GlobalGAP, GRASP and Rainforest Alliance™ standard certified plantations.

QUIZA BANANA is produced in Ecuador and Guatemala in Central America with respect to human rights of local communities and the natural environment.


QUIZA BANANAS are delicious and healthy:

  • Bananas contain heart stimulating potassium and are a natural source of fibre and vitamin C
  • They improve cardiovascular fitness, lowering blood pressure and increasing immunity
  • They are a good source of magnesium positively effecting the brain, helping in learning and concentration
  • Thanks to the presence of tryptophan, eating bananas improves mood, calms and reduces tension

QUIZA BANANA is a philosophy of healthy diet based on a safe and tasty product.

Certified farms, fast land and sea transport, efficient and effective logistic processes and one of the most modern banana ripening facility in Europe allow us to provide premium quality products to our most demanding customers in Poland and Central Europe.